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OneStone® Pebbles Curve Families

OneStone Pebbles Curve Families. The Curve Families Pebble is designed to illustrate one of the first concepts encountered when studying functions - families of functions. Selecting a constant in the expression connects it to the slider control, allowing the user to vary the expression and see the results in real time (see the Using Pebbles page for complete instructions).

This Pebble accepts all the standard math operators plus the variables X, Y, R and/or Theta, although only expressions in the form of F(X) or F(Y) are drawn in the 2D display. Functions are graphed according to the following rules:

  • Functions in which X is the only independent variable are drawn in the 2D Graph as the curve Y = F(X).
  • Functions in which Y is the only independent variable are drawn in the 2D Graph as X = F(Y).
  • Functions of X, Y, R, and/or Theta are drawn in 3D as the surface Z = F(X, Y, R and/or Theta).

(A 'Contour Diagrams' Pebble is now available, which provides a 2D visualization for more complex functions. Windows users can also find this capability in OneStone Math for Windows.)

Click the 'Launch...' link below to start the Curve Families Pebble. The process of installing and running a Pebble for the first time is explained on the Installing Pebbles page. Running one after the first time is quicker: the JOGL package doesn't have to be downloaded, plus something other than the generic 'Starting Java' image is displayed during start-up.

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