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4 May 2005

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Bright Ideas Software® Releases OneStone® Math for the PocketPC

Cheyenne, Wyoming - 4 May 2005 - Bright Ideas Software is proud to announce the availability of OneStone Math for the PocketPC, a powerful, innovative calculus program designed for educators and students. OneStone Math offers a level of performance and educational potential far beyond the capabilities of traditional graphing calculators. OneStone Math is remarkably easy to use, exploiting the user's familiarity with Microsoft's Windows® Operating Systems and the PocketPCs superior graphics and computational power. A tightly focused feature set enables users to concentrate on the insights the program provides, rather than struggling with calculator manuals or device-specific behaviors.

OneStone Math for the PocketPC:

  • uses OpenGL-based software to create stunning 3D graphics on standard Pocket PCs;
  • includes tools for evaluating integrals, derivatives, and performing 2 and 3D vector math;
  • provides the expected Windows program features like the ability to save and open files, etc.
  • has earned Microsoft's 'Designed for Windows Mobile' certification.

Pricing and Availability: OneStone Math for the PocketPC is available in time-limited trial form. Try it for 10 days, and if you like it, a registration key can be purchased for $30 USD. Registered users will receive free updates and special discount offers on upcoming products. For more information, please visit

About Bright Ideas Software: Bright Ideas Software was formed in 2001 with the goal of producing high quality educational software for the college and university market, with particular focus on graphical visualization tools for the physical sciences. We are located in southern New Mexico. For more information, see

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