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SkyBox Stuffer in action. The SkyBox Stuffer takes 6 images (or 5, if you want to exclude the ground) and puts them into a single file with a .bisb extension. The images are unchanged; they aren't compressed or stitched together, they're just crammed nose to tail in a single file, for convenience. It's a lot easier to keep track of one file instead of 6, and, paired with the SkyBox Viewer that will extract the images from the custom file and texture a cube as intended, it's a quick and simple way to test how photogenic/suitable a given scene might be.

SkyBox Stuffer will work best if the image files are in one directory and the file names meet one of two criteria: the last two characters before the extension should either be numbers running from 01 through 06, or the letters shown in the table below. If your file names meet this criteria, all you need to do is click the 'Select First Image...' button and specify the first file name in the sequence and the program will fill in the remaining names for you. If your file names don't meet this criteria, or if they not all in one directory, use the individual selection buttons to specify the individual paths. The SkyBox Viewer support images in .bmp, .png, .jpeg, .jpg, .ppm, .gif, and some .tga formats; only these extensions will be recognized by the SkyBox Stuffer.

Note! The .NET PictureBox control on the front panel of the SkyBox Stuffer will show a preview of the first image if the image is of a type the PictureBox recognizes. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the SkyBox Stuffer and Viewer work with some image formats not recognized by the PictureBox control (e.g., compressed .tga); consequently, the PictureBox will not preview some images correctly, although they will work as skyboxes.

Image Order/File Name
Frame Direction 1rst Alternative 2nd Alternative
1 North
2 East
3 South
4 West
5 Up
6 Down

Click here to download an installer containing both skybox programs, (.msi. 932KB).

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