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OneStone® Pebbles Cross-Sections

OneStone Pebbles Cross Sections. This Pebble creates cross-sections of a 3D surface. These cross-sections are formed by holding either X or Y fixed at certain values and tracing the resultant curves onto the underlying surface. In addition to changing the fixed variable, the user may select the interval between sections, the thickness of the 3D sections, and the opacity of the underlying surface. Controls to manipulate these parameters are found in a new 'Cross-Sections' control group which replaces the 'Colors' group in the standard Pebbles User Interface; the color controls have been moved to the main menu. The basic Pebble functionality is still in place; expressions may be entered in the text box at upper left and constants in the expression may be varied in real time with the main slider control, as described here.

This Pebble accepts all the standard math operators plus the variables X, Y, R and/or Theta. Functions are graphed according to the following rules:

  • Functions of X, Y, R, and/or Theta are drawn in 3D as the surface Z = F(X, Y, R and/or Theta). Cross-sections are superimposed on this surface; the surface may be made transparent leaving just the cross-sections visible.
  • The 2D graph shows the locations of the cross-sections, projected onto the X-Y plane, giving additional context to the 3D image.

NOTE: This Pebble is pre-loaded with the expression of the paraboloid Z=(X^2 + Y^2). You may enter other expressions as described above.

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