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Calculus Software for Students and Educators

Pebbles Surfaces of Revolution. Bright Ideas Software has produced, and continues to develop, a series of high quality math tools for calculus students and educators. Our free 3DSurface Viewer was published in January of 2006 by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) as part of their Digital Classroom Resources site. Building in part on the technology originally showcased in the Viewer, our flagship product OneStone® Math brought a powerful calculus package to Windows PCs.

OneStone Pebbles are the next step in the evolution of this technology. Pebbles are cross-platform, web-delivered visualization tools exploiting Oracle Corporation's Java™ OpenGL technology. Each Pebble provides focused support to a particular topic in the calculus syllabus. A simple User Interface provides the means for a user to enter an arbitrary expression, then select a constant from the expression and vary it with a slider control. This, in turn, smoothly animates synchronized multi-format displays presenting high fidelity 2 and 3D representations of the modified expression, providing instant visual feedback to the user's input. The simplicity of this design belies the potential power of the visual effect, which is, in fact, designed to stimulate the development of covariational reasoning skills essential to a thorough grasp of significant concepts of calculus.

OneStone Math for Windows provides users with tools for graphical and numerical analysis of calculus problems, coupling OpenGL-based 3D graphics with conventional 2D graphics and a powerful symbolic math engine. OneStone Math is available as a free trial download, allowing users 10 days to experiment and evaluate it's potential. A registration key is required to use the program beyond its 10-day trial period. Registration keys cost $60 USD. Purchase of a registration key entitles users to free upgrades and special discounts on other products.

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