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OpenGL® and OpenGL|ES are trademarks of Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Freebies for devs.

There are currently two items available for download from this site that may be of interest to programmers, particularly those interested in OpenGL®.

We are making several code libraries available for developers, without restriction. These were, with a few noted exceptions, developed for in-house use and are provided as-is. Full descriptions of the license terms are available here. These libraries are listed below; click list entries for details.

  • WTL App Tools

These are a set of skybox tools, consisting of two separate programs. The first program, the SkyBox Stuffer, takes 6 images (or optionally, 5, omitting the ground) and packages them in a single file; the second, the SkyBox Viewer, opens files created by the Stuffer and places the observer at the center of a cube, appropriately textured with the skybox images.

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