GLE32 Ver.5
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CCgle2DBaseNoiseTexBase class for the two 2D Noise Texture classes; it provides a 2D implementation of SetTexWrapMode with the defaults set to GL_REPEAT, and a BOOL member m_bFloatingPointTex and it's accessors.
 CCgle2DNoiseTexture1This variant of a 2D Noise texture is based on Ken Perlin's original code. It's texture creation is faster than the GLM-based variant. It also provides the means to specify a seed value, ensuring repeatable patterns.
 CCgle2DNoiseTexture2This variant of a 2D noise texture is based on the GLM library's noise functions. It's texture creation is a bit slower than the Perlin code.
 CCgle2DTextureThis is the main 2D texture class in the library. Standard RGB8 and RGBA8 image-based textures are supported, a half-dozen procedural textures are provided, and cube-map functionality is supported.
 CCgleBMPFontA 2D bitmap font class, part of a solution, along with MudgeFont ( and Bright Ideas Software's MudgeFont PostProcessor (
 CCgleProgramCgleProgram wraps and manages a GLSL program object. Principal feature is the mapping of uniform variable names to their GPU locations, enabling efficient variable access via string names, relieving client apps from having to track variable locations.
 CCgleShaderCgleShader wraps and managers a GLSL shader object. This class and CgleProgram are designed to be used together, providing a comprehensive GLSL solution.
 CCgleTextureThis is the base class of all texture classes in the library. It wraps the most basic common attributes - texture ID (or 'name') acquisition and release, min and mag filters, and whether or not the texture is 'immutable'; that is, whether memory is acquired and data is uploaded via glTexImage, or glTexStorage/glTexSubImage.
 CgleShaderBuildInfoData structure passed as a parameter to gleBuildAndLinkProgram. See gleBuildAndLinkProgram documentation for more information.